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over 1 year ago


Hey guys,


We hope you guys are doing well. As IdeaHack! is coming closer we want to provide you with some information you might not know about yet!


Our sponsors: 

Be ready to solve the challenges of EnpalStarmind and Educaro. All of them are great tech Startups that disrupt their individual industry. Each of them will provide you with an individual challenge and the needed recourses to solve them. Don’t miss the opportunity to work on some real life data and learn something new.


Our Mentors:

Our Mentors are from top universities, have long time experience or founded their own business already. You’re afraid that IdeaHack! might be to challenging? Don’t worry, our Mentors are there for you!


Our Participants:

In the end, you guys will make the event to an awesome experience for everyone! So far we have a wide range of people registered for the event. Students from leading tech universities and business schools, specialized professionals and people that are new to the game already committed themselves to IdeaHack! What about you?


Be sure to join our Slack channel and register at our Devpost page. (Participation at IdeaHack! is only possible when your registered on both, our DevPost page and our Slack Channel!)


For everyone that has not found a team yet, we made a form that you can fill out so that we can post your information into our Slack channel so that other Participants can reach out to you!


To have a look at our schedule, access our google calendar.


If you want to stay informed, follow us on social media.