Educaro Challenge - Language Teaching Challenge

In an increasingly globalised world, migration becomes a more and more important topic.This is why we see it as our mission to build a bridge between professionals abroad and employers in Germany who are looking for qualified workers.To ensure that candidates have a chance to integrate and employers find the perfect fit for their company, learning the language of the destination country is essential. Therefore, in this coding challenge the team will win that is able to develop the best web/mobile app that teaches language students the first 300-500 words of the English* language. The result will be evaluated based on the UI/UX design as well as the teaching concept.



Enpal Challenge- Field Services Recommendation System

In a world, where more and more shopping and services take place online, highly efficient and well managed field services become one of the most important competitive advantages. For each job, we have to make sure it is done within a desired timeframe, at the customer's home and by a technician who is trained for the specific task. For this challenge, we can assume an already filled up schedule where there are still some open slots for each technician...In this challenge, there is no rescheduling of a whole monthly schedule required. However, in real-life it might be required, so feel free if you are confident enough.



60 % of employees in 2030 will be millenials and younger. The demands on the employer will be much more demanding. People want to develop quickly, maximize the learning curve, learn different skills and find the right opportunities within thousands of open vacancies inside their organisation.The goal of the project is to develop a job recommendation platform. Based on the current set of skills of an employee and based on a list of available jobs, we would like to show the best matching jobs to the employee.