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over 2 years ago

IdeaHack!2020 Slack and Form

Hey guys,

hope everyone is doing fine so far! Please remember to join our Slack Channel! Important: In order to attend the Hackathon we need to find your Account on the Slack Channel. Submissions from participants that are not on the Slack Channel won't be judged and can't win any prizes. In our channel you can look for team mates as well or just have a chat with us:) Join with this link

Please remember to sign up with our form! We need you to give us some contact data and to accept our code of coduct. This is something we as hackathon organizers need to do! Find the form here (don't worry, we wont give any data to third parties without your permission or send you a bunch of Email etc.).

Feel free to contact me under if you have any questions.